Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Mennonite Mosaic

Yes, Lucy got me, the message on her blog about this quilt put a spell on me.
Decided to join the round of quilters for this masterpiece.
But I had a hard time finding the special old fashioned fabrics as not many of the quiltshops overhere have them in their range.
I decided to visit a very unique shop and I was lucky, found some great repro fabrics, but I opted for different colors than the ones used in the original quilt.
If you ever go to Belgium, close to the border of France and Luxemburg, go and visit this shop, the owner is more than nice and there is an incredibable choice.
That's all for now.


Christine said...

Hello. I found your blog tonight and thought I'd say hi. I'm a quiter/stitcher in Tasmania, Australia. I work as a music teacher in a primary school and have two lovely pets, Molly and Oliver. Good luck with the Mennonite Quilt. It's a beauty.
Bye, Christine.

Mary Ann said...

Hi there! Those are just gorgeous fabrics!!! I love vintage anything!! The shop in the link does look wonderful...just wish I could read french!! I really like that little doll that is featured there! Good luck with your blog!

Anonymous said...

Hi Lil

Can't wait to see your progress on this quilt with your own palette of colours