Thursday, February 14, 2008

Playing around

Yes, I know, I should have worked on my mennonite mosaic or do the "tagged" thing, but instead of that I surfed on the net and .......... saw an awsome quilt.

Most of you sure know that block, as it is an old one and I'm sure some of you have worked on a quilt with this design or have planned to create one like that one day.

I didn't find this block in one of my books, so I decided to create it myself, ............ and that shouldn't be a real challenge as I've got EQ5.

So I started by drawing the block and then added it to the quilt layout. The fabric palette I used was different Civil War motifs and ......... tadaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ............ there is the result.


(it took me hours to insert this post and especially the picture)


gwen said...

A scrappy quilt with repro fabrics: everything I like. I especially like the yellows! Your mennonite quilt is coming along nicely too. Take care.

lil said...

Gwen, these are not the fabrics I'll use when I'll make this quilt
I just took reproduction fabrics from the EQ5 palette to see how it could look

Christine said...

I like the Civil War fabrics too. What are you planning to use? I'm sure it will be nice. Hope your computer is behaving now. Christine

lil said...

Christine, I first have to finish all my other projects, so this one is not for now, but I think I'll use this kind of fabrics

and my computer, arghhhhhhhhhhhh
still not fixed, I always loose connection, it's a problem with the provider, the whole town is concerned, they have to do some changes and actually they are working on that

I just have to wait for their call, but it's a big mess