Monday, March 31, 2008

Todays work

I finally found the time to add the label and the binding to my quilt for the 4 Seasons Swap, now I just need to wash and then post it. Who will get it?, .....big mystery, I cannot tell you, just a little hint, it has to travel quite far.

And now my second piece for today, the first paper pierced Dear Jane block, so much fun and so easy, but I think there are more challening ones waiting for me

Saturday, March 29, 2008

For those who are interested

I decided to join this swap after having been contacted by Lisa

Toni is the host and here you find all the information

And another one

This is B-1 Batchelor Buttons from my Dear Jane Project, thought it would look funny cutting out the center of the swirl

I get really addicted to that project, I even have to say that on some days I could make more than one block, the group is such a motivation
Already now I have to thank Anina for this idea, without her I think I woudn't have decided to start this long project, at least not at the moment
Thanks my dear for this unique experience

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

there it is, B-3 Mirror Image

I have to confess, I thought it would be more tricky this one

for the marking I used a new Clover pen which should disappear in some days, I tell you how it worked, but you have to wait

Thursday, March 20, 2008

D-3 Jason's Jacks

6th block finished, just a few more to do, lol

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

So in love with this

Some days ago I wrote a post after my craft fair visit in Paris. In that post I showed you a book and told you that there is an amazing quilt project.

Now I want to lift that secret, here again the book in cause

And this is it, I don't know how many times at looked at this quilt after having bought that book and I never get enough.

Here a more detailed picture, sorry for the flash

You have to imagine, this masterpiece was made around 1860, I don't want to know how many hours Susan Mc Cord spent on assembling this huge piece (80 x 85")

After doing some research on the net I found this, up to you now to decide, lol.

Take care all my friends and happy stitching.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Reiko Kato in Paris

At the craft fair in Paris I saw some stunning quilts made by this amazing japanese artist, some of them were just incredible, like the one with the houses, so many little details and then the hexagone one, made out of 1/4 " pieces, can you imagine that work, When you look close at that quilt, you can see that even the border was made using these hexagons.
And now the pics, hope you enjoy them as much as I did.

Flowers for St Patrick

A new block for my Dear Jane, with a touch of green for St Patricks day

Just a pity that I have to work tonight as there's a big party in Luxemburg City, we have quite some Irish overhere and I can tell you, partying with them is always fun.

And now a view og my 4SQ, just have to add the label and the binding and it's done and ready to send to my secret partner.
What color would you suggest for the binding, I'm not sure about using the border pink.

Here you can see a little of my handquilting on the back, I like how it's looking, the quilting always adds the final touch.

Friday, March 14, 2008

A-7 Dad's Plaids

Yep, seems to work that group, really motivated I can tell you and as the blocks are stiil easy to sew now I sometimes think I could do more in a week

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Sometimes I'm a little frustrated when I want to reply a comment, I don't know why, but a lot of Bloggers choose not to show their e-mail adress
That means, it's impossible for me to say thank you, cause the sender's adress is

Maybe some people don't know this, but you have to allow sharing your mail adress, I think it's in the personal information pages.

You would make me really happy

here a note from Stacy, she figured out why sometimes the senders adress doesn't show up in the comments
I figured it out! I thought it showed my e-mail, but after going through every setting on my blog I finally got to edit profile...and sure enough, the 'show email' box was unchecked. Hopefully it shows now, if not I'm stumped. Sorry about that hun. Maybe we all need to check that. I didn't see your either Jen. Crazy blogger :)

Stacy, you're such a clever girl

I killed my wallet

Ok, there we go, yesterday I promised you some pics about my buys in Paris. I know, I'm crazy, no need that you remind me of that fact, lol.
But you know, I live in a very small place in a very small country and our quilt supply shops are limited or just carry the usual stuff.
It's almost impossible to find Repro fabrics overhere, I need to drive for about 2 - 2:30 hrs to get at a place where a can find quite a good collection of those.
The same for Fassett fabrics, very hard to find or just some out of the whole collection

Now you know why I had to kill my wallet, anyway it just happens 2-3 times a year, is that still reasonable?

this was a must-have since I had seen it at Ste Marie in 06, but unfortunaltly some of the fabrics were discontinued and it was not available for a long period, but now it's mine ........ finally

here a collection of my purchased repro fabrics, some are fat 8th, great when you want to have multiple different ones
and the book, I just loved it, there is one amazing project in there, but that's for another day

these are some hand-dyed fabrics from these ladys from Switzerland
they might be great for an Amish quilt, at least I bought them in that attention

as you know I'm working on a Dear Jane and my fabrics with smaller prints are limited, so I had to have those, because there are quite some blocks with very small pieces
now I should be prepared

and finally, just some goodies, ribbons, cross-stitch diagrams, flower pins, ......

now you know how I spent my money

oh yes, there's one thing missing, my Dear Jane book, no more excuse now not to finish that project

Who will be the winner

I just checked this

Dana will give away a quilt for her 200th post and maybe you like to be in the winners list too.

Who know's, I might get it, have to try

Monday, March 10, 2008

My trip to Paris and another block done

As you all know, yesterday I visited a craft fair in Paris, it was a long but stunning day and we even had time to do a little bus tour around town.

I think I have to return there, the sooner the better, I love that town and there are some new spots I haven't visited yet, like the New Branly Museum.

Now some pics, just to let you dream a bit, I know, I'm evil, lol.

First a glimpse of the fair at La Villette, at the basement only shops

and now some Paris pics

one of the main attractions, the Eiffel Tower seen from Trocadero

the roof from the Invalides, pure gold plated, in real it was so shiny, because of the sun

one of the many souvenir stalls around Trocadero, Eiffel Towers in all shapes and colors

and finally one of my favourite buildings, the Opera Garnier, a stunning place with an incredible interior

just bad that it was raining, but as soon as I return there I promise I take nicer pics

and at the end, my new Dear Jane block, D-13 Field of dreams,

quite funny how it looked at the end, cause I didn't pay attention when I cut the colored fabrics and now there are 8 green squares that surround the center

Tomorrow I show you what I bought at the fair and some pics of stunning quilts from a japanese lady, Reiko Kato.

Saturday, March 8, 2008


yesterday evening I finished handpiercing the center log cabin blocks
and now I have to choose a layout, there are 2 options

I think I go for the second one, because it's off-centered, much more interesting, don't you think so too
I probably add a small border of the fabric I used in the center of the log blocks and then a very pale pink

Friday, March 7, 2008

What shall I do?

Oh my god, after seing the Lollypop blocks here and here and here, I thought, yes this one is for me too.
But, what happened, grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, Glorious Color Shop announced this

And now I'm in trouble, which one is really for me? Think I wait a little and maybe one day I'll be able to decide.
But this last one is very tempting

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Second block done

As you know I try to use quite excentric fabrics, thought this one would be ok as you can see a lot of the fabric, not really easy with the large print
I'll see when the blocks with smaller pieces have to be done if I've got the right fabrics for those

Otherwise I have to start a second Dear Jane with a different fabric choice and use these blocks in a separate little quilt

Oh yes, probably on saturday I go to Paris and visit a big craft fair, maybe there I find some fabrics with smaller prints I could use here ...................................... and for sure some reproduction / civil war fabrics and many, many, many other interesting things

Maybe next week I'll show you some pics, but I'm not sure they allow that, so you have to wait and see

Monday, March 3, 2008


Yes, yes, yes

it's done, my very first Dear Jane square and as you can see I opted for the crazy fabrics, at least for the moment
the colors in the picture are not the best, the background fabric is off-white in real

First stitches on my Four Seasons Quilt

Yesterday evening I had to do the first stitches on my project, I've chosen to do everything by hand, little wonky dimensional log cabin blocks, it's a special technique and only after quilting you gonna see the real dimensional effect.

Up to now I think they look great, and there are some more rows to be added. There will be 9 log blocks in total, so my quilt will be square. Still have to think about the finish, 1 or 2 or 3 borders and maybe some applique.

Anyway, I'll see that, sometimes I have to let a project grow and the project tells me how to continue.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Fabric selection

Oh, that's quite long that I haven't posted a message, have to confess.

I had some troubles lately, 10 days at work without any break and then ill, still not really recovered.

As you can see I participate in the Four seasons Quilt swap and I also planned to join all those Dear Jane maniacs, lol ............, hope I can follow, but still not sure how many blocks I will do, we'll see

Today I checked my fabric stash and here are the ones I want to use for the Four seasons Quilt, they really represent spring for me, don't you think so too?

And now to the Dear Jane project, hmmmmmmmm, what shall I do as it is not easy to find repro fabrics overhere, should I go crazy and risky, ......... had to dig in my stash and thought these might be interesting to use. In reality they are a lot darker than on this picture, maybe I wait till tomorrow and look at them again during daytime. Arghhhhhhh, ................... should I go risky ....... or should I change again, should I go japanese taupe, or ethnic .........?
Maybe I just wait for your opinion.