Tuesday, March 11, 2008

I killed my wallet

Ok, there we go, yesterday I promised you some pics about my buys in Paris. I know, I'm crazy, no need that you remind me of that fact, lol.
But you know, I live in a very small place in a very small country and our quilt supply shops are limited or just carry the usual stuff.
It's almost impossible to find Repro fabrics overhere, I need to drive for about 2 - 2:30 hrs to get at a place where a can find quite a good collection of those.
The same for Fassett fabrics, very hard to find or just some out of the whole collection

Now you know why I had to kill my wallet, anyway it just happens 2-3 times a year, is that still reasonable?

this was a must-have since I had seen it at Ste Marie in 06, but unfortunaltly some of the fabrics were discontinued and it was not available for a long period, but now it's mine ........ finally

here a collection of my purchased repro fabrics, some are fat 8th, great when you want to have multiple different ones
and the book, I just loved it, there is one amazing project in there, but that's for another day

these are some hand-dyed fabrics from these ladys from Switzerland
they might be great for an Amish quilt, at least I bought them in that attention

as you know I'm working on a Dear Jane and my fabrics with smaller prints are limited, so I had to have those, because there are quite some blocks with very small pieces
now I should be prepared

and finally, just some goodies, ribbons, cross-stitch diagrams, flower pins, ......

now you know how I spent my money

oh yes, there's one thing missing, my Dear Jane book, no more excuse now not to finish that project


Anonymous said...

Hi, I love the reproduction prints!!!!and hand dyes and even 2 of the "busy" prints (teal/purple flowers and the yellow fabrics in front of it.)
If you find you don't have room for all that stash, you know where to sent it, my friend!

Stacy A. said...

When you have to make a trek like that you have to stock up. Before I moved to Boston from Arizona, I had to drive 3 hours to get to a fabric store, so I know the feeling. I love those bright Dear Jane fabrics. I can't wait to see your progress!

candyschultz said...

I don't know about Europe but over here we have tons of online quilt shops now. It is actually dangerous. If you don't have them yet you will probably get them soon. Then you will have access to everything.

Christine said...

Looks like you had a great time at the craft fair in Paris. Those reproduction fabrics especially catch my eye. I also like the look of your cross-stitch patterns. Lots of happy stitching coming up I think.

Lucy said...

the repro fabrics are thrill, Great choice and the hand died solids are to die for! If you combine these with other solids it will give a perfect amish quilt!!WOW