Monday, March 10, 2008

My trip to Paris and another block done

As you all know, yesterday I visited a craft fair in Paris, it was a long but stunning day and we even had time to do a little bus tour around town.

I think I have to return there, the sooner the better, I love that town and there are some new spots I haven't visited yet, like the New Branly Museum.

Now some pics, just to let you dream a bit, I know, I'm evil, lol.

First a glimpse of the fair at La Villette, at the basement only shops

and now some Paris pics

one of the main attractions, the Eiffel Tower seen from Trocadero

the roof from the Invalides, pure gold plated, in real it was so shiny, because of the sun

one of the many souvenir stalls around Trocadero, Eiffel Towers in all shapes and colors

and finally one of my favourite buildings, the Opera Garnier, a stunning place with an incredible interior

just bad that it was raining, but as soon as I return there I promise I take nicer pics

and at the end, my new Dear Jane block, D-13 Field of dreams,

quite funny how it looked at the end, cause I didn't pay attention when I cut the colored fabrics and now there are 8 green squares that surround the center

Tomorrow I show you what I bought at the fair and some pics of stunning quilts from a japanese lady, Reiko Kato.


Jen said...

Oh I would love to be in France again. I've only been once and don't know the language but it is so beautiful there. Everything is just stunning.

Your block came out so well! It is so cute how the blocks all lined up around the center square.

CONNIE W said...

The souvenir table in Paris photo is so cute, all those goodies.
I'm also (very slowly) working on some Dear Jane blocks but have only made a few so far.