Thursday, March 6, 2008

Second block done

As you know I try to use quite excentric fabrics, thought this one would be ok as you can see a lot of the fabric, not really easy with the large print
I'll see when the blocks with smaller pieces have to be done if I've got the right fabrics for those

Otherwise I have to start a second Dear Jane with a different fabric choice and use these blocks in a separate little quilt

Oh yes, probably on saturday I go to Paris and visit a big craft fair, maybe there I find some fabrics with smaller prints I could use here ...................................... and for sure some reproduction / civil war fabrics and many, many, many other interesting things

Maybe next week I'll show you some pics, but I'm not sure they allow that, so you have to wait and see


Patty said...

I love your blocks - If I ever made a second Dear Jane - I'd do it in Kaffe fabrics like yours! Happy fabric shopping! Paris, craft fair, fabric, oooo La La!!!

Jen said...

I think this block looks wonderful! I hope you can continue using your eccentric fabrics! They will make an amazing quilt.