Tuesday, April 29, 2008

B-7 World Series

My corner applique shapes are not perfect, but I do like this block

not able to put it on Flickr at the moment, troubles with my internet connection, hope it will be fixed soon

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Red peas, flowers and a cow

Today we had a wonderful sunny spring day, finally, stayed outside quite a lot, I was just soooooooooooo cool after the long winter period.

That's why I didn't do much sewing, just my Dear Jane block and worked also on a funny little project. And Thursday I had a class, nice project too and so easygoing, pure fun.

Now to the pics

B-5 Hot Cross Buns

Doesn't this look cute?, I just love the springy touch because of the little flowers, they are machine appliqued, easier and quicker

Here some squares for my class project, a reversible quilt, I fell in love with the cow fabric as soon as I saw it, there will be also some plain cow squares and all of these will be joined with striped sashing strips. I make you curious or not, lol? By the way, get curious myself too, wonder how it will look at the end.

Take care girls and wish you as much sun as we had overhere today.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

My last Dear Jane's

Yes, still very addicted to that project

here's B-12 Starflower

and a much more challenging block
B-6 Wild Goose Chase

oups, maybe I need to clean my iron

This will be a long post, lol

Here's a little tour of my adorable capital, on request especially for Bonnie, but maybe all of you want to take part and discover this little but beautiful town
Information: I live about a 30 min drive north, more on the countryside

this is the Grand-Duc's palace, only used for official ceremonies, he's not living here

one of the little streets with plenty of stylish restaurants behind the palace

the oldest part of the city, this place was built in 963 AC
the wholes you see in the rock are caves, an underground labyrinth that you still can explore (you see some people) there's even a theatre in this rock, spooky spooky

nothing to say here

this is an old monestry, and military hospital, part of it was used for a certain period as prison (I still remember that)
now there are a lot of exhibitions and concerts

the museum of nature, always very interesting features, lectures and exhibitions
a great place for kids

at the bottom, again the museum of nature and the new buildings on top will be the new "city of justice", all the courts will be at the same place
in real this city is quite big, you wouldn't say that from this pic
the long building in the middle is the national archives, thousands of documents are stocked there

this is one of the many bridges you can find in Luxemburg city, it's connecting the 2 parts of the town, split in 2 because of the 2 rivers

the entry of another museum, yes, we have a lot for such a small city
it's an old building with a new glass entry, good combination of old and new I think

the most important church in town, the cathedral, where all the official ceremonies are hold
at the moment they celebrate a pilgrimage, called "Octave", lots of people showing up
this is the south entry, the main one is hidden in a narrow street, not easy to take a pic

yes, we have fountains too and this is one of my favourites
there's a whole story behind this one, but too long to explain now

this is a very recent project, you can loan them for the day and drive around town, there are plenty of spots like this and when you don't want to ride them anymore you just leave them at the next spot

here my virtual tour takes an end, what do you think of that, my mouth is watering, yummy yummy

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Miniatire Booty Swap Quilt update

Oh yes, I've worked on that one quite a lot yesterday and now I just need to add the border (s).

It's the first time I do something quite modern, but when I look at it now, ........ yes, I can say that I like it.
On Flickr someone told me that , when looking at this, it seems strange that I have a new love for reproduction fabrics. Ok, maybe, I only have a very large spectrum of love for art in general.
Only by making you learn to love different techniques and layouts, that's my opinion, so why being shy, I've nothing to loose, :o))))))))

Here you can see the real colors, the salmon color strip appaers several times and it shines differently as it is silk, sometimes it looks pink and sometimes more golden

Thinking about adding a very thin frame in purple, just because the border fabric is very busy too. Tell me your opinion, you like that?

And now the back, looks so neat, yippy, welldone girl, lol

As you can see, it's almost done, add the border, layering and quilt it, machine quilting for this one.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

What have I done lately

Yes, what have I done lately, some many of you asked me about my ongoing projects and tahdah, here come the pics

First, just a little reminder, here my Dear Jane blocks, I like them pretty much up to now, just 157 more to do

oups, 156, here's B-2 Sweet Tater Pie

you remember this, some days ago I showed you a pic with the fabric for this border
now it's added to the rug quilt, just need to do the cutting of the seams, beurkkkkkkkkk, I don't like that, my fingers always hurt, too many seams

I'm also on the list for the Miniature Booty Swap and these are the first blocks
I always wanted to make a quilt with the help of Sandi Cummings book "Thinking outside the block" and as my partner likes modern stuff, my decision was quite easy, had to try that and I can tell you, it's so much fun

Now to the last pic, next week I take a class where we learn how to make a "double face" (I don't know if this is the right expression, you sew individual squares with the batting included and then assembly all of them with fabric strips and the quilt is finished)
no basting, that will be fun

Lisa, what do you think of this cow fabric, lol?

Ok, that's all for the moment, have to return to my sewing machine, she told me she needs to run a bit more.

Friday, April 11, 2008

This weeks Dear Jane blocks

First of all many thanks for all your nice words, I really appreciated every single one.

I'm getting used to the new situation, I can handle it easier as I thought on monday, but the only one who's a bit confused is Zarah, my other cat. She's much more looking for attention as before, maybe because she's alone now, no one to play with anymore. Sometimes she seems to look for Bonnie, hides at her favourite spots, .....

Not much sewing for me this week, just worked on my Dear Jane blocks and finished the 2 planed for this week.

K-7 Rose of Sharing

and C-3 Rayelle's Fence

Hope to have more news and pictures of new projects next week.
Take care, all of you who read my blog, you mean a lot to me.


Monday, April 7, 2008

In memory of

My dear friends, as you know I live with 2 cats, or should I say now with one cat.

I've been to France over the weekend and yesterday when I came back home I got so scared. Bonnie was lying in the entry and didn't welcome me, as she usually did. Something was not normal, I even kicked her a little with my foot because my first thought was "she's dead", but she wasn't.

She was quite ok on friday when I left, she even jumped on my knees to cuddle, but now she was so weak, so skinny, I had such a pain seeing her like this. What should I do?
She had some kidney problems for about a year, I had to give her liquid perfusions (is this the right word?) under the skin some time ago, so I decided to do that again, just to make it over the night.

This morning she didn't seem better, she couldn't get up anymore, her breathing was accelerated, no more voice.
I couldn't stand that anymore, so I decided to go to the vet and make an end to that suffering.
My heart was with her when I took that decision, she was a true friend for me for about 17 years and now I had to let her go.

Good-bye my lovely Bonnie, you had a great life, you will always be in my heart.

Here she is, on one of her favourite places and when I look out of this window now, I think of her.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

News before the week-end

It looked so easy, perhaps it was too easy that block, I think I open the last seam again and redo it
Yeah, call me crazy girl, but the center square is not square and the corners don't match at this M-10 "SIMPLE" Simon

here a pic especially for Karen, I told her that I made the same quilt as she did and she wanted to see my version
for the moment it's just the top, don't know when I'm gonna finish it

now I have to see how I can handle my problems with Flickr, I've reached my limit of 200 photos and I probably have to delete some
grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, life is sometimes so complecated when you don't have a credit card, impossible to buy a membership otherwise

Tomorrow I leave for the week-end, I go to this nice hotel in France and think I'll have a great time with great food
See you again on monday

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Look at this

Some time ago I ask a friend from the US if she could do me a favour, I wanted to have the Mc Calls Vintage magazine and as I don't have a credit card it was impossible for me to order it.

As she's a great person, she imediatly accepted my demand and a week ago she told me that she'd posted the package.

Today, when I left my appartment to do some shopping, there was a really big packet in the entry waiting for me and I had to open it right away

My mind went crazy, so many beauties, why do I deserve that? I just asked for the magazine
I felt really honored and very spoiled, inimaginable, what a lucky person I am to have a friend like that, don't you think so too?

Can you see this, I'm still shocked

Lisa, thank you so much, you are such a great person and I hope to meet you one day for real

Now something different.

A while ago I made a rag quilt for my godchild and now her mum asked me to add some fabric to make it bigger, hmmmmm, what shall I do, I don't have anymore of the fabric the original quilt is made of

I had to dig in my stash and , look what I found, I think these fabrics were waiting for this quilt, the colors are just perfect and the flowers give a little extra kick to the plaids and stripes.

Just to say, they are Judie Rothermel reproduction flannel fabrics, I realized that only when I cut them.