Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Look at this

Some time ago I ask a friend from the US if she could do me a favour, I wanted to have the Mc Calls Vintage magazine and as I don't have a credit card it was impossible for me to order it.

As she's a great person, she imediatly accepted my demand and a week ago she told me that she'd posted the package.

Today, when I left my appartment to do some shopping, there was a really big packet in the entry waiting for me and I had to open it right away

My mind went crazy, so many beauties, why do I deserve that? I just asked for the magazine
I felt really honored and very spoiled, inimaginable, what a lucky person I am to have a friend like that, don't you think so too?

Can you see this, I'm still shocked

Lisa, thank you so much, you are such a great person and I hope to meet you one day for real

Now something different.

A while ago I made a rag quilt for my godchild and now her mum asked me to add some fabric to make it bigger, hmmmmm, what shall I do, I don't have anymore of the fabric the original quilt is made of

I had to dig in my stash and , look what I found, I think these fabrics were waiting for this quilt, the colors are just perfect and the flowers give a little extra kick to the plaids and stripes.

Just to say, they are Judie Rothermel reproduction flannel fabrics, I realized that only when I cut them.


Jacquie said...

People (especially crafty people) can be so kind and generous. You are a lucky woman!

Marit said...

The ragquilt is pretty, and the additional fabrics are gorgeus. I would love to see how they all blend together in the enlarged quilt!