Wednesday, April 23, 2008

This will be a long post, lol

Here's a little tour of my adorable capital, on request especially for Bonnie, but maybe all of you want to take part and discover this little but beautiful town
Information: I live about a 30 min drive north, more on the countryside

this is the Grand-Duc's palace, only used for official ceremonies, he's not living here

one of the little streets with plenty of stylish restaurants behind the palace

the oldest part of the city, this place was built in 963 AC
the wholes you see in the rock are caves, an underground labyrinth that you still can explore (you see some people) there's even a theatre in this rock, spooky spooky

nothing to say here

this is an old monestry, and military hospital, part of it was used for a certain period as prison (I still remember that)
now there are a lot of exhibitions and concerts

the museum of nature, always very interesting features, lectures and exhibitions
a great place for kids

at the bottom, again the museum of nature and the new buildings on top will be the new "city of justice", all the courts will be at the same place
in real this city is quite big, you wouldn't say that from this pic
the long building in the middle is the national archives, thousands of documents are stocked there

this is one of the many bridges you can find in Luxemburg city, it's connecting the 2 parts of the town, split in 2 because of the 2 rivers

the entry of another museum, yes, we have a lot for such a small city
it's an old building with a new glass entry, good combination of old and new I think

the most important church in town, the cathedral, where all the official ceremonies are hold
at the moment they celebrate a pilgrimage, called "Octave", lots of people showing up
this is the south entry, the main one is hidden in a narrow street, not easy to take a pic

yes, we have fountains too and this is one of my favourites
there's a whole story behind this one, but too long to explain now

this is a very recent project, you can loan them for the day and drive around town, there are plenty of spots like this and when you don't want to ride them anymore you just leave them at the next spot

here my virtual tour takes an end, what do you think of that, my mouth is watering, yummy yummy


KathieB said...

Thank you for all the beautiful photos of your city. It looks like a wonderful place. I would love to visit someday.

I have to say the pictures of the people in the doorways of the caves made my stomach turn over. Even photos of heights like that make me nervous. LOL

amy said...

Lil, thank you so much for this wonderful tour!

Gypsy Quilter said...

Ohhh, this is simply grand. Thank you so much for sharing it with us. I'm ready to book a ticket. I'd especially love to see the holes in the castle walls. Was your city a major trading port by any chance?

Sarah Nopp said...

Thank you for the beautiful photos and sharing your hometown with us. I love the virtual visit :)

blackbearcabin said...

hi lil...thanks for sharing pictures of your lovely town! The rent-a-bike idea is clever...wonderful that you can leave it at any of the drop off points :)
I just wanted to stop by to say also participating in the ALQS that Kate has put together, and im trying to visit everyones blog to say hi!
I enjoyed dropping by your site...happy quilting!

Janet said...

I was in your beautiful city a long time ago (31 years ago) on my way to then Czechoslovakia (whew, that's a mouthful to spell!) I didn't get to explore it then, so, thanks so much for the tour!!

Christine said...

Thanks for the tour. What a beautiful city. Hope I get to visit one day.

susan said...

thanks for the lovely tour of your city. how beautiful it all is. and i love that you can rent a bike for the day!