Wednesday, April 16, 2008

What have I done lately

Yes, what have I done lately, some many of you asked me about my ongoing projects and tahdah, here come the pics

First, just a little reminder, here my Dear Jane blocks, I like them pretty much up to now, just 157 more to do

oups, 156, here's B-2 Sweet Tater Pie

you remember this, some days ago I showed you a pic with the fabric for this border
now it's added to the rug quilt, just need to do the cutting of the seams, beurkkkkkkkkk, I don't like that, my fingers always hurt, too many seams

I'm also on the list for the Miniature Booty Swap and these are the first blocks
I always wanted to make a quilt with the help of Sandi Cummings book "Thinking outside the block" and as my partner likes modern stuff, my decision was quite easy, had to try that and I can tell you, it's so much fun

Now to the last pic, next week I take a class where we learn how to make a "double face" (I don't know if this is the right expression, you sew individual squares with the batting included and then assembly all of them with fabric strips and the quilt is finished)
no basting, that will be fun

Lisa, what do you think of this cow fabric, lol?

Ok, that's all for the moment, have to return to my sewing machine, she told me she needs to run a bit more.


amy said...

Lil, you have been busy! I love the start of your swap quilt--can't wait to see more of it. And I love the fabrics you've chosen for your class! Have fun!

CONNIE W said...

I love the Sweet Tater Pie block, love the colors you chose, and very well done!

Marit said...

I remember your post about an request to make the rug quilt a bit bigger. The rug quilt looks super with the border extension! So sweet and classic. It sounds like you have a lot of projects going on. Keep sharing, its so nice to come here and visite...

Jacquie said...

Whoa...lots done. Your Dear Jane blocks look great and I love the rag quilt. So cute.