Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Perfect beginning

Girls, got a huge surprise this morning when I read this post, look at the names of the winners, lol, that's a perfect start for the day, thank you Stacy, or should I say George .........

Yesterday evening I started assembling the last Dear Jane block on the to-do list for this week and after such great news I was really motivated to finish that one.

It's F-5 Parcheesi, I did the whole block in applique, just added the corner triangles by machine
I tried also to reconstruct the color fabric as it was before cutting, pretty easy, you still can imagine the whole flower

oups, I forgot to show you the other block I made some days ago

I-8 Pete's Paintbox, thought this block would look nice using striped fabric and I'm more than happy with the result

Now I do some more fabric cutting, I have a class on thursday and I have to cut tons of fabric triangles for that project, just a little hint, all the fabrics I use are Kaffe's, maybe I show you later.

Take care, wherever you are

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Now I can show you

This is the little quilt I made for Annette for the MiniatureBooty swap.
I know, it's a bit funky, but she seemed to like it, that's at least what she told me.

It's always good to hear that your work is appreciated, that's what makes swaps so interesting.

And now I return to my Dear Jane block, lots of applique to do.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Todays blocks

I had to do 2 blocks for my Dear Jane and as I had some time this afternoon I did what I had to do to catch up the leader Anina.

Here they are

the first triangle in the bottom row
I know, it's not mirror image, but that's ok for me, no one will see when the quilt is finished

H-1 Peek-a-boo

Another giveaway

This morning I checked all my favourite blogs and see what I've found overhere.
Stacy is having a giveaway, loved the post especially because of the amazing yarns.
Can you believe that, yarns made out of milk and corn, sounds pretty weird, but they look very nice, maybe I have to check that online-shop and begin knitting again.
Yes, I knit too, I even used to knit for a shop on order, but that's a long time ago.

Saturday, May 17, 2008


It's overhere, the story's just a dream, but this one would be great, let's dream together with our friends.

True friends are diamonds

Friday, May 16, 2008

2 amazing surprises and a little finished one

Yesterday I checked my mailbox very early, wanted to know if my 4SQ would be there and ......... yes it was. I was very excited, couldn't wait to open the envelope.
First I just saw the border fabric and I was alredy delighted, perfect, how could she know that I love this one so much? (have the same one in red)
Then I discovered a beautiful magazine, Australian Patchwork and Quilting, quite hard to find overhere and some cute kitties transfer patterns.
I had to open the quilt imediatly and discovered this beauty

Isn't it just pretty? Thanks so much Christine, you're a sweetheart.

Today, after coming home from work there was another package waiting for me. Got really confused, posted in Finland, hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, I don't know anyone from there.
There are some strange things going on, I didn't have any idea what the package would content.
Did I win something on a blog without remembering that I made a comment for a give-away?
You know when you get older your brain sometimes gets damaged, lol.
I had to check that package and discovered a second little quilt. Gosh, my Miniature Booty swap arrived, didn't expect that so early.

Can't hide it from you, another beauty, the perfect sister (or brother) for the other one.

You have to confess that it's beautiful, don't you and it was made by Jen
Thank you, thank you so much, I will cheerish it forever.

Now I had to finish mine and get it posted to .............................................
Oups, my hands refuse to write the name.
Here's a little teaser of the finished project, enjoy it.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Not quite satisfacted with this one

This is my last Dear Jane block and I have to confess, I'm not really satisfacted how it looks.
Maybe I shouldn't have made the strips the same width, but I wanted the block to look like Jane's. I think also my appliqued shapes are a bit to long, maybe I just shorten these.

I'll see, for the moment it stays like this.

More pictures from the quilt festival

As requested by several of you, I post some more pics from the Quilt Festival

These shots represent some of my favourites, done by various artists

done by Ineke Van Unen, she combines very unique textures like velvet, silk, batists, metallics, sometimes even fur....., something I would never do as I hate metallics, but here they are amazing

By Dirkje Van Der Horst, the lady with golden hands, love all her scrap works

by Ruth Tschudy, a swiss lady who is a worldwide expert on Korak quilts, which have their origins in Central Asia, stunning works and all done by hand

these 3 were done by Mien Boerekamp, a dutch artist who works most of the time with african Vlisco fabrics, unfortunatly she doesn't have a web page

works by the Mandalaquilter group from Germany
love especially the puzzle pieces, you can arrange the different blocks and create various designs
and the curtain using lace is truly stunning

works by the members of the local quilt group

another one from the Quilts for Africa exhibition

can't remember who did this one, but look at the next pic, I think these are sisters

displayed at a fabric vendors stall, that one touched me especially, love the red squares in here

there were many many more and I continue my tour in a next post

I get mad with this post, I try and try to get some empty space between the images, but impossible, does someone have a clue for that?
I have redone this post several times, saved, but then when I publish it, bong, the empty spaces are gone again

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Still there

Oh, days passed so quickly and now I realize that I did'nt post anything yet in may.
You know, actually we have plenty of sun overhere and staying in the house would be a shame, that's why I didn't do too much quilting, there were even days without touching a needle, lol.

But I'm still up to date with my Dear Jane, here are the last 3 blocks

B-8 Water Lily

B-9 Tinker Toy

B-10 Jud's Trophy

I finished also a little block for an exchange on Flickr and it seems that my swap partner likes this one

Last weekend we had a Quilt Expo overhere, it was well worth visiting, some stunning arts and quilts and there was on exposition I just adored, it was called "Quilts for Africa"
All the quilts shown there were to be sold and the money collected is used for an orphanage project in Burkina Faso.

Here are some pictures about that show

and the last pic from this expo, for me a special piece of art, loved the african fabrics and the Kaffe Fasset layout, perfect combo and the end result of that was .................................

I bought it, yesssss

Now just some pics of the valley where that little festival was happening, such a gorgeous place, especially in spring having that much sun

this little lady came along with me, she even used for the first time a sewing machine and created a little bag
we'll see what happens in the future