Wednesday, May 14, 2008

More pictures from the quilt festival

As requested by several of you, I post some more pics from the Quilt Festival

These shots represent some of my favourites, done by various artists

done by Ineke Van Unen, she combines very unique textures like velvet, silk, batists, metallics, sometimes even fur....., something I would never do as I hate metallics, but here they are amazing

By Dirkje Van Der Horst, the lady with golden hands, love all her scrap works

by Ruth Tschudy, a swiss lady who is a worldwide expert on Korak quilts, which have their origins in Central Asia, stunning works and all done by hand

these 3 were done by Mien Boerekamp, a dutch artist who works most of the time with african Vlisco fabrics, unfortunatly she doesn't have a web page

works by the Mandalaquilter group from Germany
love especially the puzzle pieces, you can arrange the different blocks and create various designs
and the curtain using lace is truly stunning

works by the members of the local quilt group

another one from the Quilts for Africa exhibition

can't remember who did this one, but look at the next pic, I think these are sisters

displayed at a fabric vendors stall, that one touched me especially, love the red squares in here

there were many many more and I continue my tour in a next post

I get mad with this post, I try and try to get some empty space between the images, but impossible, does someone have a clue for that?
I have redone this post several times, saved, but then when I publish it, bong, the empty spaces are gone again


amy said...

Lil, thanks so much for posting photos of these wonderful quilts! They are so inspiring! I love the quilts with the windows in the blocks. Wonderful quilts! I don't know how to help on the spaces...I have the same problem myself.

candyschultz said...

These are all gorgeous. Thanks for the pictures. Very inspirational.

susan said...

wow lots of eye candy there!

Jilly said...

Thos are beautiful. I especially like the window quilt and this last one.

I just figured out how to chose the amount of space between my photos, after 2 yrs! You go into the edit HTML section and type inbetween the HTML code, and it comes out just like you type it. Before that I was messing around forever trying to get words in between the posts. Hope that helps.