Sunday, June 29, 2008

Something different

As you know I love x-sitch too and when I saw this pattern I told myself that one is for me, lol.

It's from a french designer, R de rien, all her stuff is just too cute.

This is the first from a whole collection that I want to make and I smile everytime I look at it. Now the stitching is finished, I just have to frame it with the fabric.

And a new picture of my everlasting project, the houses of Hawk Run Hollow, it grows, but slowly. Each square is about 3x3" and 90x90 crosses, can you imagine, I have to be at least a little mad, don't you think so?

See you soon overhere

Friday, June 27, 2008

Wish I could keep this

As promised yesterday I tell you a little story of a very special quilt.

Some time ago I took a class on doing applique mosaic style. The woman who told us this technique is a friend of the amazing Yoko Saito from Japan and explained that this is commonly used in japanese quilts, very often in borders, but also on bags.

Here I show you a picture of one of Yoko Saito's bags made that way

First I was a little stressed, that much applique, wonky effect, little pieces, whaw .............
but decided to give it a try. It's true, it looks quite scary, but knowing all those little extra tricks like using a hera marker instead of freezer paper made life that much easier and after a while it was pure fun.

My class project is still not finished, lots of little triangles to applique, but I needed a finished project as I had to teach a class myself on this. That's why I started a second one, much easier, only rectangles and squares (some of them are just 3/8"), I didn't want to frighten my students, lol.

The class was a pure success, all the women just loved this kind of doing applique, the hardest part for them was avoinding straight lines and creating like this the essential open spaces between the appliqued shapes that give the mosaic effect.

As my project was quite small, about 18"x18" I thought I could use it as my contribution for the ALQS, I just needed to fill some of the empty space and then I had the idea of adding some silk ribbon flowers around the center and embroidered colonial knot flowers on the border.

And know it's done and I have to confess, I would have loved to keep this little beauty for myself, I just love it, the embroidery added the last special kick and I think it's a pure beauty.

You know, sometimes it's amazing, you choose some fabrics for a quilt and you think, ok, not too bad. Then you do all your piecing or appliqueing work and the first bizarr ideas appear, "do I still like that or not" and then you add just a little detail and the ugly duck turns into a white swan.

Do you know that feeling?

OK, , stop talking girl, they are waiting

taaaaaadaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, here it is

Isn't it pretty? And it's on the way to ................., lol, I just say overseas.

Have a nice weekend and see you soon.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Back again with Jane

Hi my friends, well, well, that's been a long time since my last post.
I had a very busy month of june, lots of work, quite some stress and not that much time for sewing or blogging, but now I'm back, hurray.

First I have to tell you that june is a busy birthday month for me, 10th my nephew's, 15th mine, 20th my niece's and finally 25th my other nephew's who's also my godchild, so you can see, there was a lot of partying.
On june 23rd was also the celebration of our national day, huge party all over the country with lots of free drinks and fireworks. Busy, busy, busy, as you can see.

Yesterday I found some time to work on my Dear Jane blocks, had to do 4 to catch up and yes, finished 3 and the 5th is almost done. Welldone girl, lol. But oups, today is thursday and that means that a new block is being displayed at Anina's blog, so I'm again a little behind our "mistress".

Here now the pics of my Dear Jane's

First a pic of all the blocks done before

Now the new ones

C-1 Trooper Green's Badge

K-11 Columbine

K-8 Springbrook Park

And the ones I've done yesterday

H-11 Piercing Rays (first try on hand quilting, because of the Y seams and I'm pretty happy with the result)

M-11 Rickshaw

and H-13 Farm Fields

Now back to my sewing machine, as the last 2 just wait for me.
Oups, no machine for E-1, all applique, but I love that.

More news and pics soon, I promise.

Take care