Sunday, June 29, 2008

Something different

As you know I love x-sitch too and when I saw this pattern I told myself that one is for me, lol.

It's from a french designer, R de rien, all her stuff is just too cute.

This is the first from a whole collection that I want to make and I smile everytime I look at it. Now the stitching is finished, I just have to frame it with the fabric.

And a new picture of my everlasting project, the houses of Hawk Run Hollow, it grows, but slowly. Each square is about 3x3" and 90x90 crosses, can you imagine, I have to be at least a little mad, don't you think so?

See you soon overhere


Anonymous said...

I love the strawberry stitchery, soo cute!

Sunny said...

I don't think your mad. I love it. Great stitching!

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