Friday, July 4, 2008

Look what I've got

You remember, sometime ago I won at Stacy's give-away and now I got that package.

Already opening the package was pure delight, everything just smelled awsome.The wool is great, the ribbons cute, the jam perfect (didn't know that), the ice cube maker cool, the little angel amazing, the chocolate yummy (already gone, ;o))))))), the batik fat quaters very nice, ......but the best of all are those vintage fabrics, gosh, they make my heart sing, such happy prints and colors.This package was way more than I expected, girl, you made my day.

Stacy, look, the little angel is always with me when I sit at my pc desk, he's protecting me, thanks so much.

And now, gosh, you should have seen my face opening this package, Kathie told me that she had posted it and I got already excited by the idea of discovering what was inside.

I sent her some african fabrics a while ago and I got all these beauties in exchange from this incredible woman. There are some fabrics from her stash (lol, wish I had such a stash) and some very new ones she bought especially for me.

Kathie, you're a sweetheart, many thanks for all that.


Hutzefinnchen said...

OOOoohh wat en scheinen Pakelchen hues du do kritt, dat hätt mir och gefall.

Wei ass et dann mat dengem Kur vum Patchwork-Origami gangen. Kommen du nach Fotoen????????

Ich fannen dei Technik och interessant mä hun och keng Ahnung op et eppes fir mech ass.

Ech wenschen der nach en scheinen Daag

Sandra (Hutzefinnchen)

Jacquie said...

Didn't that package smell terrific? I almost didn't want to throw the box away! I'm heading over to sign the petition now. Disgusting...give art a bad name.