Monday, July 14, 2008

Some little handwork

I am a member of the 6"-12" mini quilt trading swap on flickr and this month's theme is triangles.

In this post I told you about Ruth Tschudy, a swiss lady who is an expert in Korak quilting, a very special technique (The word «Korak», meaning «patch», is today’s applied word of an old technique from Central Asia, mainly Turkistan, Uzbekistan and Afghanistan.)
She sent me her book and now I'm proud to present you my very first little Korak, I thought it would be the perfect choice for this month's swap, as there are a lot of triangles.

Here are some pictures of the making

first I had to trace a grid on the background fabric, cut little squares of fabric , fold them in rectangles or triangles and choose the color layout

and then, add pins, some pins, ......... no lots of pins before sewing these little pieces by hand to the background fabric

ok, all the strips are sewn to the background, ........ and yes, I like it

and tadahhhhhhhhhhhh, here it is, pretty colorful and I'm in love

but it's not for me, last week I posted this quiltie to .......... someone overseas
hope she likes it

I think I have to do one like that for myself, it was so much fun and it is a perfect technique to use all those very small fabric scraps that accumulate in the scrap bin

you're interested in this technique? go and get Ruth's book, the explanations are described in german and english and easy to understand, have fun like I did


Anonymous said...

Loe it, and the colors are wonderful!!!

Stacy said...

Lil, your quilt is stunning. All those little pieces...your hand work is fantastic. I love all the new methods and fabrics you are trying. I bet you re getting better every day with all this practice and variety. Hope all is well. Love Stacy

KathieB said...

This is just wonderful. Love the orange!

amy said...

Lil, this is another fantastic creation! I had to click the pic to see up close and your handwork is gorgeous--such even stitches and I love your colors. Your hard work is evident. You're tempting me with these intriguing techniques!

Rae said...

It is so pretty. I love the colors you choose.

Eva said...

Yes, isn't it addictive? And your korak is so much more orderly and straight line than my koraks which look as if they were done on a camel's back during the ride to better pastures.