Monday, October 13, 2008

Maybe you wanna see

Hi there, I just thought that I need to show you my latest dear Jane blocks.
Up to now I made 51 blocks, that makes just 118 more to do to finish the center.

I didn't use any of the fabrics twice, but maybe I have to reuse my fabrics for the triangles, that's why I decided to create these only when most of the center blocks are done, all depends on my fabric stash.

I think I'll love it once finished, it's so colorful, it will be so me.

And now to the pic


miniaturequilter said...

They look great!! I have 2 done, ad since i don't applique, I will prob end up with just a wall hanging. Are all of them from fissett prints?

amy said...

It is going to be VERY you...and, well, very me. ;-) Either way, it's going to be stunning!!

Karen said...

Love your Dear Jane blocks. I just made my first one.

jacquie said...

so impressive!!!

Anina said...

Lovely! And I love the spooky new look of your blog.