Wednesday, October 15, 2008

My last border for the Spring Fling RR

I participate in the second edition of the Spring Fling RR and I like it a lot, it stimulates my creativity and up to now I would have loved to keep all of those I worked on.

But I can tell you, this last border was quite thrilling, when I first saw the block that was sent to me I had no idea, so much empty space to fill, gosh.

Then I made different plans and decided to add some applique to fill up these spaces. I created the design myself and I think it matches perfectly with the rest of the quilt.

It is very hard to take a pic without revealing too much, ;o)))))).

Still have to wash the piece to get ridd of all those watersoluble marking lines, but at least you can have an idea.

And many thanks to Margaret for organizing this, I promise you to join for the next one, you're doing an amazing job.


Margaret aka Supermom said...

kudos to your contribution on this. It's only a sneak peek, but it looks so fun and youthful. I do love it. I hope you appreciate your quilt as much-
It is both the great quilters and LADIES that keep me running these otherwise crazy swaps!

design inkamaria said...

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Rose Marie said...

Just a sneak, but soon all will be revealed! This swap has been interesting and challenging at the same time.