Saturday, January 31, 2009

Back after the troubles and give-away

Hi there, yes I'm back as you can see. My pc got repared and it's working properly again, so relieved that there was nothing too bad to get fixed and that all my pics and documents are still there.

So, what did I do meanwhile, what do you think, .........................., lol, stitching and creating.

Wanted to upload the pics, but impossible for the moment, net too busy.
So you have to check my flickr account for the moment

By the way, as you can see in my sidebar, I joined this give-away hosted by Katy. See you on february 4th overhere for more details.

Update on february 2nd (as it was possible to add the pics, ;o))))

this is my ongoing project for the 4SQS5, it's a personal creation
you know I'm not too much into brown, but what can you do when this is one of your partners preferences
the project has to be monochrome, you only have the right to add some white or black
think mine is ok for these restrictions

as a follower of Linda's and Becky's blog I had to take this opportunity, you can read the post about this block overhere
Have to hurry, as they need a pic of the completed quilt by the end of february

this is also my own creation based on Gee's Bend quilts
it's a mini, about 8 x 12" I think
the name is Pyjama party as I have used only old (even some very, very old) fabrics
the pale blue ones are from my childhood duvets and the one with the roses my mum used for sewing me a pyjama (that's where the name comes from, ;o)))
the striped one is a very old thick fabric that was used for my mums pillows (filled with buckwheat)
and the yellow/white, also a very old one, an upholstery fabric used for the strawfilled bed bases, sorry but I don't know how you call these exactly (at some spots you can even see the rust marks of the nails)
it is handpieced and freecut, only the quilting was done by machine, as some of the fabrics are really thick

TADAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, and now to the first hint for my give-away on wednesday

I created this quilt pattern this weekend and a copy will be added to my stash fabrics

More information on february 4th


amy said...

You have so much to show us, Lil! Everything is lovely as usual! Your creations are always so beautiful. I really enjoy looking at the fabric in your Gee's Bend-like quilt. And your gorgeous creation from the Piece O' Cake pattern...well, congratulations on having it added to their book--it is well deserved!! After I saw your block on Flickr, I realized my RSS feed for Piece O' Cake wasn't working and I completely missed that cute pattern! I fixed that, by the way. :-)

Paula said...

Please count me in for the giveaway. Thanks much!

domoshar said...

The mini is lovely!!!

Sheree said...

Love your appliqued blocks, and that star at the bottom looks impossible and lovely!

CarterQuilter said...

What a wonderful quilter you are! So much imagination and your colors and fabrics are fabulous. You should definitely keep designing quilts. Your creativity is unbelievable.

Cindy in Seattle