Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Warning, heavy stuff

Wow, wow, what a long time since my last post

First I have to apologize, but in this post you'll find some explanations for my absence on the blog.

You know, I have major problems with my PC, don't know why, but quite often it crashes completely or it turns off just like that. Have to bring it to the store as my Virus scan is not working properly, when I scan, the system crashes and then I have to wait some minutes before being able to connect again. Seems that the monitor gets no signal, bizarre, bizarre.

I tried several times to post overhere, but no way, blogger didn't allow me to add pics, ............ until a had the idea to try again by using Internet Explorer, and ........... this seems to work (some time ago I switched to Firefox and there it was impossible)
So now I hope to get some pics posted, ............................. please blogger, let me do this

I've been quite productive though, but you'll see

First a christmas gift for my godchild, she is such a Minnie fan and my brother just told me that she takes her gift every night to cuddle to her bed (originally it should have been used as a floor mat)

Here is my creation for the Miniature Holiday Booty QS, my partner Gina wanted something not too traditionnal and with unusual funky colors. Apparently it was more than she expected, she's in love with the wreath and wants to leave on the wall all year long.

As you know, I was doing the Spring Fling RR2, this was an amazing experience and I've already planned to participate at the next round too. Maybe someone else wants to join, just check the blog, cause there will be a number 3.
Here is the last quilt that I worked on, I only did the handquilting and the finishing before it was sent to Alicia.

On the next pic you can see the back and my quilting a little better.

Now the ONE, this one got so many comments on my Flickr account, it was for the swap mum the very dear Margaret and it will hang in her daughters bedroom.
You have to read her post to know what she thought of my creation.
There was such a lot of empty white space when I got the block after round 1, I had to fill this space and add some girly color, so I created this applique pattern on the dotty fabric.
(all the applique is my work and it's needleturn)

And yesterday I finally got mine, you can believe me, it was hard to wait after having seen all those beauties.
See what I've found after opening the envelope, first this amazing tissu package (look at those tree ornaments, machine embroidered by Julia) aren't they lovely

And then, wow, wow, wow, this incredible quilt, peacocks paradise. (that name is more than perfect, lol) Normally I'm not too much into blue, but this is killing me. Look at the borders, they seem to be the peacocks tail wheel. The borders have been done by Sharon and Luisa.

Now a close-up of the peacock, as I said, incredible, thanks so much Tami, you're a wonderwoman with wonderhands.

Let's go on with some handpiecing projects, yes, don't tell me that you don't want to see, I warned you that this is heavy stuff, ..........

Some months ago I told you about my first handpieced project, and you know what, it's almost finished now. I still need to quilt the center with big flowers, add some appliqued flower buds and then off to the finishing.
Here you see the marked fabric and my stitches

And this is how it looks now, the border isn't sewn to the center yet, but you get an idea. I had to spread it on my bed, it's about 52" x52"

A close-up, don't these fabrics make you happy too, they are so fresh, just what I need now cause it's f.......... cold overhere actually.

And finally, my new 2009 12 months BOM, a creation from an amazing and very talented lady from Nancy in France, Bénédicte Maurin. You should see her shop, Atelier des Abécédaires, it's a Ali Baba's cavern.

The masterpiece, she called it "Old Glory" and all the fabrics are reproductions. This whole top is sewn by hand, can you imagine what lies ahead of me?

Now my first blocks, the applique ones (think that I have a new passion, it's just so relaxing)
I used Tracey's method for the applique, thanks my dear for the tutorial, it made everything so easy.

Ok, that's it, hope you still alive, ......... kidding
Hope to see you soon again overhere

Oh yes, I almost forgot



Tami said...

I'm glad that you received your quilt. Wow, the quilting on it is amazing. But then again I see that you've been a busy bee and have created some gorgeous quilt blocks yourself. I thought that adding the floral and vine applique was a brilliant move. :-)

amy said...

Glad to have you back! You've been very busy! Everything is BEAUTIFUL as usual! Happy New Year!

Ethne said...

Whoa - yes a heavy post - but OH what delights - its great to have you posting again

Kathie said...

wow you have been busy
OMGoodness that last quilt is unbeliveable
it is just so beautiful
Love your blocks too
wow does she sell the pattern????
I love baskets in quilts and well applique you know I Love applique!
I hope your enjoying the applique!

jacquie said...

so sorry about the computer problems. you do the most beautiful work. the applique you added makes that quilt and the peacock is amazing. wow.

Gina said...

Beautiful quilts. The Peacock one is fabulous.

Love and hugs Gina xxx

Sew Create It - Jane said...

Welcome back :o)

Love the appliqué you've done on the spotty fabric...very pretty!

tracey said...

*fabulous* job!! you have been very, VERY busy and i love the products of that busyness! looking forward to hearing more from you!


Rachael Rabbit said...

The piece you made for Margaret is absolutely beautiful!!!!

belinda said...

WOW...I'm just amazed at your 'handy work'. I just LOVE everything!

Jackie said...

Wow! You've gotten so much done. Your work is beautiful!

Mary Ann said...

Happy New Year to you, too, Lil!
You've been really busy, I see!
Hope your holiday was a good one!

Deirdre said...

GACK! Those are some amazing pieces! I love the Christmas wreath and the hand pieced quilt especially!

Kay said...

You have some serious talent and patience, I've yet to try anything near as intricate as what you've shared...I'm still struggling for words, gorgeous gorgeous work.

wine racks said...

Great work you have here! perfect colors.