Thursday, February 5, 2009

Here they are, the WINNERS

But let me explain some details first.

There have 89 comments
- 20 without preference
- 36 for the african fabrics
- 12 for the earthy palette
- 21 for the scrap bag

I decided to split the 20 without preference and added radomnly an almost equal part to the 3 choices, I didn't want to choose one precise selection.

After having selected all my fabrics to give, and after having seen that amazing pile, I decided to choose 2 winners per item, so there are 6 winners in total, isn't that cool, ;o))))

I needed some hands to help me pick the winners, so I took all the comments to my niece and nephew. They helped me with enthousiasm as each one could pick a winner from every box.

And here we go, the names shall be revealed

African fabrics:
1st give-away goes to Lisa S (who wrote: Stash 1 for me, but I'm not picky.Lisa)
and the 2nd to Maria (who wrote: I'm loving that first package. What fun!)

Earthy palette:
1st give-away goes to Sherry (who wrote: Great patterns & great fabrics!! Thanks so much for the chance to win!)

and the 2nd to Connie (who wrote: From snowy Ohio USA...I like all your patterns. Also I like the music with your website.)

Scrap bag:
1st give-away goes to Mary Ann (who wrote:Hi Lil! Wow, look at all these comments!!! Your patterns are, of course, all very lovely!!! (I have personal experience with this!! LOL!)Very hard to choose, but I would probably enter your draw for prize number three! Just so I could win TWO patterns!! And I like anything country-ish, kaffe-ish or blue-ish!!!PS Thanks for your email...need to install "the" program again...will get back to you ASAP!!! All the bestMary Ann)

and the 2nd to Sam (who wrote: Hi I think your patterns are amazing; I hope I am able to make them successfully. I would be happy with any of the giveaways. I tend to go for autumn/earth tones, but I would really like to get out of my comfort zones - and so would my kids. So any would be fine. Thanks for doing this. Cheers Sam)

Congrats to the winners and I'm so sorry for all the other ones, but sooner or later I will do this again, you only have to look sometimes at my blog.

Oh yes, I also planned to send a package to Katy as a thank you for this amazing idea.
(and a little excuse because she wasn't lucky enough to win "africa")

Sam and Connie, please send me a message, your email is missing or your profile is enabled, so I can't contact you.

If these 2 don't contact me within 3 days, I will choose 2 other winners.


Lisa S said...

yeah!!! I am so, so, so excited! I loved the prints and can't wait to show you what I make!!!!


Congratulations everyone!

Sherry said...

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!! I'm so excited!


I love your blog background!!

Mary Ann said...

Thanks so much, Lil!!
I'm SO happy***!!!!***
I never win anything!!
I think I'm going to have to host a giveaway on my Blog, as well! It's a lot of fun!!!
Thanks again!
Mary Ann

Sam said...

Hi This is Sam; I can't believe I won something... I never win anything. My email address is
Can you please email me and I will send you my address?
Thanks so much.
Sam said...

This is Connie in Ohio. My email address is If this message posts okay, send me an email and I will give you my address. Thanks for making my day.