Thursday, February 12, 2009

Please be patient winners

As you can see at the new button on the left I joined a new project.
I am deeply touched by the fire victims in southern australia and wanted to do something that could bring them a small relief and that's why I joined Tia's quilt campaign.
I think this is a great idea and I beg you to join, I'm sure you have scraps, even plenty of them and how could you use them better.
Here you can see some of my blocks, but there will be more, I plan to make a whole quilt top, so go ahead girl.

This is also the reason that I did not yet mail the packages to the Stash winners, I hope you will forgive me, but I didn't forget you.

I promise, you will get your package.


Mary Ann said...

Oh, Lil, I'm so happy to see that you've posted a link where I can donate some blocks for quilts for the fire victims of Australia. I've been feeling so helpless, even though I've donated to the Australian Red Cross, I've felt the need to make something to send. I'm glad to read your post about the Flickr group Bushfire Quilt Project...I'm off to start on some blocks right away!!
Mary Ann

jacquie said...

this is such a great great of you to make a whole top!

Deborah said...

Love the double stars - I think I will use them in the top i am currently working on